May 15 2012

Athletics RFID Project

Entire class after presenting to representatives from the athletics department.

Under the Direction of Dr. Jeremy Bellah

Students in Dr. Bellah’s graduate Management of Innovation and Technology class developed a prototype system to automatically manage equipment for the football team at SHSU using RFID technology.

The entire class worked on the project during the semester, and four students presented the results. When the project was over, we celebrated at a local restaurant.

Reflective Comments from Students

“The RFID project provided valuable experience in researching a business problem and working together to implement a creative technology solution. We were given a specific goal with a lot of freedom in how we accomplished it. I feel that each group took responsibility for their role in the project and that we worked well as a class.”

“I feel that I got more out of this than a traditionally instructed class.”

“The real-world application of the RFID project and working together as a class was a great experience. It does feel rather rewarding to see the product that we were able to create, and the potential in the future is awesome! I went back and told some of my colleagues about the project and they were pretty impressed! All in all, this was a great semester and one i will never forget.”


Presenter – Anuarbek

Presenter – Jon

Presenter – Kaedy

Presenter – Lori


Students presenting to members of SHSU’s football staff.

Students in the class.

Students in the class.


Aug 15 2010

File/Folder Tracking System

Under the Direction of Dr. Pamela Zelbst

Objective:  To build a reader (RFID) that uses an antenna to track files and folders in and out of inventory.

The EMBA graduate students at Sam Houston State University are learning project management skills and applying them as they build an RFID file and folder tracking system.

Reflective Comments from Students

“It was rewarding seeing the project come to fruition from its initial development stage, through the production phase, and then to be able to look back at the Gant chart to see the variances in our time.  It made for a much more interesting use of class time than sitting in class taking notes for three hours.”

“I recommend this hands-on teaching method to further enhance students’ interest in and understanding of project management skills and application.”

“I look forward to learning more about Project Management as I think it will be extremely useful in my current job capacity.  Also, thanks for making our 2 weeks on site fun.  It sure beat the heck out of lectures and note taking.”



May 15 2010

Active Asset Tracking System Project (AATS)

Under the Direction of Dr. Pamela Zelbst

The objective of the AATS project is to build an active asset tracking system using RFID technology in order to track high dollar lab assets for the Sower Business Technology Lab.  Building this system not only allows us (students) to learn more about RFID technology and its uses for the business world, but it will also allow us to have hands on experience in project management and planning and control.

The deliverables for this project will be an active asset tracking system, project notebook, presentations with pictures and videos, and reflective papers from all students.

Reflective Comments from Students

“Completing the project successfully showed me that I have to have confidence in myself and that if enough energy and effort is put into something, it can be accomplished.”

“The academic aspect of the class obviously has its place however, there is no substitution for hands on experience.”

“There is so much more that I took out of this class than I can write in this reflective essay.  I am so glad that I signed up for this class, it was very educational, but at the same time, it was fun and enjoyable.”